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Power Inflator w/Horn - Product Image

Power Inflator w/Horn

  • Standard power inflator with built-in ScubaAqua Horn - Can be used to retro-fit most BCD''s
  • ScubaAqua Horn works both underwater and on the surface
  • Above water range approx 0.25 - 0.5 mile
  • Requires just a tiny bit of air to activate the underwater horn
  • Uses standard L/P inflator hose and 1" BCD corrugated hose
  • Steel pin in air outlet to connect to BCD''s "Pull Dump" feature
  • Ridge on outside of the air outlet to create a secure seal with the BCD''s corrugated hose
  • Comfortable mouthpiece for easy oral inflation
  • Great ergonomic design allows access to all three functions: inflate, deflate, and horn with one grip!
  • High strength plastic polymer housing provides durability without the weight
  • Pass through coupling (included) to allow for the connection of the optional OC500L regulator
  • Horn is extremely loud above water - keep away from ears at all times
    Piranha's Price: $49.99