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Professional Save-A-Dive Kit "Select your pieces!" - Product Image
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Professional Save-A-Dive Kit "Select your pieces!"

  • Our version of a save a dive kit reflects what a diver really could use in those just in case moments
  • We have added just the right products and also allow you to select "up-grade" on other items for a more custom kit to fit your diving needs!

  • Here at Piranha we understand some of us dive wetsuits or drysuits. Some like a short mouth piece and others prefer to use the long type of mouthpieces. Some want a neoprene mask strap not just a standard silicone one! So by taking an extra minute you can build your save-a-dive kit to reflect what you feel is in important to you to ensure a safe and enjoyable dive. We have added the basic items that almost every dive could need and you just finish it out for you! So take a moment and build your save-a-dive kit!

  • We house our save-a-dive kit in a nice 3 inch diameter by 6 inches long clear tube with removable end caps in blue! Caps will keep water or critters out of your kit and protect your investment yet it still allows you to easily access the items when needed from either end!

  • We dare you to compare out kit to others on the market and see what value you receive in ours over the competitors
  • Kit Includes
  • One (1) Silicone Mouthpiece with 2 ty-wraps "select below on type of mouthpiece you wish in the kit" Ty-Wraps are the same color as the mouth piece color you select!
  • One (1) Silicone Mask Strap or "upgrade to a neoprene type strap from below"
  • Two (2) 1 inch stainless steel split rings
  • 4 feet of 1/8 inch bungee "select color from below"
  • One (1) Adjustable lanyard "select color from down below"
  • One (1) Universal fin strap
  • One (1) Snorkel Keeper
  • We also include VITON O-rings in our kit! You get the following
  • 2 #003 HP Hose O-rings
  • 2 #010 LP Hose O-rings
  • 3 #014 K-Valve Face O-rings
  • 3 #112 Din O-rings
  • Option to kit: 3/4 oz of Aqua Seal for repair wetsuit, drysuit, gloves just about everything! Need to speed your repair than add the Aqua Seal with Cotol for quicker repairs! Select from below
  • You may also use Seal Cement depending on what you may need to repair! You can add this as a option to your kit! Fixing neoprene and need the fastest fix use seal cement
    Piranha's Price: $19.99 
    Select Mouth Piece  
    Select Bungee Color  
    Select Lanyard Color  
    Upgrade Mask Strap  
    Add 3/4oz Aqua Seal PLUS!  
    Add 2oz Seal Cement  
    Add Dive Tool