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Safety Stop Liftbag "Long Type" - Product Image
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Safety Stop Liftbag "Long Type"

  • Individual safety Stop Bag
  • This bag allows a diver to signal their location and make a safety stop when off the upline!
  • Buoy can carry a maximum weight of roughly 25+ lbs but has enough lift to support a diver when making their safety stop
  • Comes complete with a pouch for storage, Pouch sizing is 8" X 3.75" compact nylon carry bag and the bag has both a plastic clip or webbing sewn on the back so you can slide it on your harness!
  • Includes line attached to the pouch and bag for easy handling and deploying
  • Open type bottom of bag that closes the throat automatically when inflated
  • Has a swivel brass boat snap at the bottom of the bag for attaching items!
  • Bag is made from a flexible vinyl!
  • Color of safety bag is ORANGE!
  • Dimensions: 7" inches wide by 50" inches long
    Piranha's Price: $24.49