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Sea Buff Mask Precleaner & Slate Cleaner   - Product Image
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Sea Buff Mask Precleaner & Slate Cleaner

  • Sea Buff also removes other residue accumulated on masks while diving or during storage.
  • Sea Buff is ideal for cleaning slates without harming or scratching the surfaces. Removes the stale writing on the slates. Start with a clean slate!
  • Comes in 1 1/4 oz. bottle
  • Use with Sea Gold for a clear mask! Try it out and SEE the difference
  • Piranha Hot Tip!
  • Clean new masks with Sea Buff Mask Pre-Cleaner
  • This removes the silicone leeched from the mask skirt and other factory residues on the lens
  • Regular cleaning with Sea Buff eliminates dirt, algae, mold and other contaminants that interfere with anti-fog performance and provides a clean and clear mask!!
    Piranha's Price: $3.49