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Short Bar Line Cutter "Yellow Cutter"

Short Bar Line Cutter "Yellow Cutter"

So we have a great short handle line cutter with a hole near the back of the handle for a lanyard or make a bungee wrist loop

This short line cutter can be hung on your rig place in a pocket

Great line cutter since it uses a wide slot for grabbing line that you may see in front of you or if you find line towrds the back you can easily reach behind with this cutter to cut any issues. 

The open slot is rougly 11/16" of an inch giving you plently of room to capture your entanglement

Overall length is 8 1/4" inches

Handle can be unscrewed to make the knife easy to store

We always recommend you either use a little silicone on the knifes blade or raisne with fresh water after diving and dry to reduce the formation of any rust on the stainless steel blade 

Piranha's Price: $8.49