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Signal Rescue Mirror w/ Neoprene Pouch Included! - Product Image
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Signal Rescue Mirror w/ Neoprene Pouch Included!

** Our resure mirror has both the standard reflective white side mirror PLUS the other side has a RED mirror which if you ever needed to use one of these the red side is just what the doctor ordered! The standard white side gives a flash when out in the water but the red side gives a very different flash alerts your dive boat or buddies where you are. If you never used one pick it up and try it and see what we mean. 

** Held in a neoprene soft pocket measuring a mere: 3 3/4" incjes long by 2 3/4" inches wide. Compack to fit in your pocket or use the loop on the backside to place anywhere on your dive rig!

** This is a compact item but something every boat or lake/off shore diver should have on them and at  the Piranha price you just do not want to pass it up! 

Piranha's Price: $8.99