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Silicone "Tough Bite" Mouth Piece     "BLACK" - Product Image
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Silicone "Tough Bite" Mouth Piece "BLACK"

  • This design is for divers who like to bite into your mouthpiece! This will reduce the amount of mouthpieces you go thru during a normal dive season
  • Also excellent choice for cold water dives where you tend to bite or clamp down harder on your mouthpiece
  • Need a holder for this design mouthpiece? Select our mouthpiece holder called "Tough Bite" design to fit this mouthpiece!
  • Our silicone mouthpiece is comfortable to wear during long dives
  • The silicone used makes using this mouthpiece very flexible in your mouth
  • For a more secure hold of your regulator in your mouth this could be just what you have been looking for

  • Piranha's Price: $4.29