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Tribolube 66 2oz Syringe - Product Image
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Tribolube 66 2oz Syringe

  • Tribolube 66 replaces the Christolube mcg 129 and 129N


  • A non-toxic, oxygen compatible lubricant
  • Designed specifically for open circuit scuba diving systems
  • Intended for use in mild to high pressure systems where nonreactive with LOX and GOX is required, strong acids, oxidizers, fuels, and solvents is required.
  • Qualified to MIL-PRF-27617, Type 1.
  • Although this lubricant is very inert, newly exposed rubbing surfaces of aluminum and magnesium may react with the greases under certain conditions.


  • TRIBOLUBE 66 is only for static applications. This grease is also a PFPE oil that is thickened with PFPE, but has a thicker viscosity. The grease will thicken and in cold conditions can cause a sluggish response, due to the fact that it's operating range is not as wide.
  • Made in the USA

  • Piranha's Price:    $22.99