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Tribolube SC

Tribolube SC

  • Want to make your hoses last longer? Spray on the Tribolube SC solution every 4 to 6 months and it will keep your rubber hoses more flexible and allow them to last longer to prevent them from drying out and becoming stiff!


  • This product also works awesome for keeping your latex tubing from becoming stiff and drying out. Spray on every 4 to 6 months will keep your tubing working like new!


  • Our latest add from Aerospace Lubricants is Tribolube SC which is latex seal solution
  • This is a 4oz pump spray bottle that you use on your latex wrist or neck seal and by rubbing it in this will allow it to rejuvinate your seals for years of extended use
  • Other benefits include stopping dryrot and early degradation on your latex products
  • TRIBOLUBE SC is a conditioner suitable for use on the internal and external surfaces of dry suit seals, rubber products, neoprene, and latex material
  • TRIBOLUBE SC will extend the life of your equipment
  • TRIBOLUBE SC also stops oxidation, deterioration, dry rot, and corrosion caused by exposure to salt water and other outside elements!
  • TRIBOLUBE SC is ideal for all dry suit seals, wet suits, gloves, zippers, hoses, tubing, and any dive gear that can dry out and become brittle with use over the years!
  • TRIBOLUBE SC comes in a 4oz pump spray that can be shipped by AIR!
  • If you want to remove TRIBOLUBE SC from any area, for best results just use soap and warm water!

  • Piranha's Price: $7.49