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Ultra Compact Khaki Microfiber Towel  "Octopus Design" - Product Image
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Ultra Compact Khaki Microfiber Towel "Octopus Design"

  • LARGE microfiber towel in khaki color!
  • Has a red octopus with the piranha dive logo on the front of the towel!
  • Need to save space with carry a lightweight towel? Check out this bad boy!
  • Large 30 inches x 50 inches
  • The Outgo(TM) Ultra-Compact Microfiber Towel is a full-sized towel that packs down to the size of a paperback book.
  • The velvet-soft microfiber absorbs 5 times its weight in water and dries quickly. Available in 3 sizes and a variety of colors.
  • INCLUDES a FREE deluxe mesh storage bag with accessories pocket with towel
  • o Incredibly small packed size fits easily into a backpack, travel pack or luggage.
  • o Fast and easy drying--hand wringing removes almost all water and provides fastest dry time.
  • o Includes convenient hanging loop.
  • o Microfiber weave dries faster than regular towels.
  • o No special laundering required.
    Piranha's Price: $14.99 
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