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Utility / Weight Molle System Belt - Product Image
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Utility / Weight Molle System Belt

  • Brand new to Piranha and we feel divers will love this belt with all the options you can do!
  • Looking for a utility / weight belt with a new way of customizing it to fit your diving needs? Then read on
  • With this belt you can add weight pockets or add a wide variety of attachments
  • You can add either a 5 or 10lb weight pocket
  • Need to clip off with need a split ring attachment? You can with this unique belt system
  • You can also add a leg pocket built just for this belt! and it has the molle loops on the outside of the pocket for even more custom set-ups! Check out our attachments in our drop down box and save even more
    Piranha's Price: $16.49 
    Add Weight Pockets  
    Add Quick Link  
    Add 2" Inch D-Ring Stainless  
    Add Brass Ring  
    Add Split Ring  
    Add Small Retractor  
    Add Large Retractor  
    Add Plastic Triangle D-Ring  
    Add Leg Pocket