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Velcro Holder

Velcro Holder

So this little holder you can secure your hoses and route them so they are not hanging out all over the place

Secure your corrugated hose if you need to

Place your Spg in a secure position 

Strong Nylon material making this durable in your diving applications

You can locate your EezyCut knife with the standard or even the flex harness in more ways and placing it where you can get to it quickly if needed too

With this tab you can now clean up your diving rig with so many things you can do well we just cannot list them all but you will surely find these little guys very helpful 

Large 2" x 2" inch velcro to adjust to fit your rigging

Has a large 2"+ inches of none velcro area so you can use this almost anylace on your rig!When you lay this piece out it is 6 3/4" inches long 


Piranha's Price: $1.59