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You Build Stage Bottle / Deco rig Set-Up  - Product Image
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You Build Stage Bottle / Deco rig Set-Up

  • You can purchase a complete stage / deco bottle set-up here by selecting the items you want or need for your rig
  • You Build your Stage Bottle / deco rig to fit your diving application by selecting from our drop down boxes below
  • If you purchase an RG-2V valve you MUST select your fill adapter located at the bottom of the drop boxes unless you have an fill adapter already!
    Piranha's Price: $0.01 
    Select Valve  
    Select Gauge  
    Select Bottle Strap  
    Add Regulator  
    Regulator Hose  
    RG-2V Bottle Fill Adapter  
    Select Cylinder  
    Hose Retainer Bands