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Deluxe 2nd stage regulator adjusting tool with gauge "Universal Head Model ***Flat & Allen Head***" - Product Image
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Deluxe 2nd stage regulator adjusting tool with gauge "Universal Head Model ***Flat & Allen Head***"

  • Here is a price for a universal adjuster you cannot pass up!
  • Our NEW deluxe 2nd stage regulator adjusting tool with gauge works with almost any regulator that uses either a Flat or Allen head design! "Except Hog regulator allen head is not the same size!"
  • **If you want the allen head that fits the Hog and other similiar regulators this head goes from smaller to thicker which allows you to work with more regulator 2nd stages! This comes as a seperate piece and can be added or remove at any time!** 
  • This is our newest 2nd stage adjuster and it is built to last!
  • This model uses a Flat Blade or a Allen head design to adjust your regulator and keeps it tuned up
  • Our deluxe model comes with a gauge that reads in both PSI and Bar! You simply move the gauge to the opposite end of the head you are using to adjust your regulator! Making that one tool you have to have!!!
  • This tool works on any regulator with our universal head except we notice the Hog regulators do not work with the allen head part of this tool
  • Fine tune your regulator or just check it before your next big dive as a safety check and performance
  • No more missing that dive because of an out of adjustment second stage
  • Please note that you must remove the gauge from the one side if it is the wrong adjust head side for your regulator! In most cases you can simply use your hand to remove and place on the other end!!
  • Only train personnel should rebuild or adjust second stages!
  • By purchasing and using this product you acknowledge that you have been train in using this type of tool and setting the proper settings for your second stage!
  • Notice: Service equipment are not eligible for returns unless defective! We will gladly replace any defective piece... 

  • Piranha's Price: $69.99 
    Add Hog Allen Head