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Hose & Wrist Mountable Compass - Product Image
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Hose & Wrist Mountable Compass

  • This is an awesome value for a multiple mounting compass! Compare our price and see for yourself
  • You have so much dive gear on your arm and everywhere else.. You can now mount this compass right on your hose so its easy access at any point during your dive to check your direction
  • Our compass also comes with rubber wrist straps so now you choose how you wish to use your compass!
  • Our compass as a 360 degree bezel so you can rotate to your heading and find your way home 
  • Also has a 25 degree tilt so it works almosts at any angle 
  • Rebreather divers you may also want to pick one up.. Again with all your gear you wear during a dive you now can mount a compass on any hose to allow you quick access and easy to read numbers

  • Piranha's Price: $26.99